Cytherian Brotherhood of General Koronaios


   The Kytherian Society of California was founded in Oakland, California, on January 5, 1950. Its purpose was "to promote the interests of citizens and residents of the United States originating from the Island of Cythera."
        Its original name was The Cytherian Brotherhood of General Koronaios. The group's seal portrayed the image of General Koronaios, and around it is imprinted Cytherian Brotherhood. General Koronaios took part in the Cretan revolution from 1866-1869 and commanded the revolutionary forces in the County of Rethimnon. (General Panos Koronaios' statue was placed in the platia in Potamos.)

       According to the 1950 constitution, the following were listed as founding members: 

George N. Cominos
Harry Alfieris 
Demetrios Psaltis
Peter Batagios
Nikos Vardas
Thanasis (Arthur) Psaltis
Antonis Aroney
Fotis Sofios
Angelos Simotas
John Alfieris
Alexandros Bellecy

 In 1997 the constitution was revised to meet current taxation requirements.

Kytherian Society of California Presidents:

Kytho Presidents


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