Kytheraismos Symposium


6th International Symposium of Kytheraismos

Sydney 6-9 November 2014


Vikki Vrettos Fraioli, and Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis

will be presenting at the symposium

as representatives from the Kytherian Society of California.

What is the Kytheraismos Symposiuim you ask? 

No one explains it better than George Vardas. Read his article below.

"For the Kytherians of the World

Kytheraismos is a bridge to Kytherians"

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Thematic units of the Symposium

1. The Kytherians of the Antipodes

a) The Kytherian other side of the planet

·      Sydney: The metropolis of the Kytherians abroad 

    (cultural capital of Kytheriasmos for the period 2014-2016)

·      Kytherian Australian community welcomes the rest of the Kytherian world

·      Historical events about the Kytherian Australians

b) Human mapping of the Kytherians in Australia

·      The Kytherian Australians anthropogeography

·      The first attempts, who, where and how many they are

·      Thematic maps professions and other activities

·      Media and the Arts

·      Local associations

·      Old age care

·      Youth activities

2. The social, cultural, political and economic role of the Kytherians of Australia and the rest of the world

a) The dynamic presence to the Australian community, their political power, their relationship with the Australian and the Hellenic society

·      Achievements in the Australian society

·      Contemporary activities

b) Working for the world Kytherian community

·      Ecumenical Kytherians of diaspora (who, where, why)

·      Helping with their achievements the wider society

3. The relationship of the Kytherians abroad and the mother land (Kythera)

a) The attractiveness of the motherland (Kythera)

·      The Kytherian Australians of Kythera

·      Kytherian Australian community: A Kytherian microcosmos of Australia or an Australian global village of Kythera?

b) Investment activities of a huge economic region

·      Kytherian Australian villages in Kythera

·      Joint actions, public and private business ( sympraxis)

·      Joint venture activities for the private land in Kythera

·      Tourist enterprises

c) Professional interests of a multi-cultural area

·      Having Greek passport

·      Europaisation (European citizenship)

·      Voting in Kythera, Greece and European Union

·      Working in Greece, in Europe, in Australia and living in Kythera (using new technologies)

d) Educational interests of the next generations

·      Study visits in Kythera

·      Students bilateral agreements

·      Practical training in Kythera

4. Kytherian culture and research

a) Digging our past in Kythera and outside it

·      Unknown Kytherian civilization

·      Historic and archaeological discoveries

·      Special studies and research on Kythera and the Kytherians

b) Working on our Kytherian tradition and roots

·      Kytherian Genealogy Research

·      Oral history archive

·      Kytherian tradition and cultural heritage

5. The diffusion of the Kytheraismos concept to the Kytherians and Philokytherians of the whole planet

a) The Kytheraismos idea for our inter-communication

·      The role of the social media

·      The global dimension of the common Kytherian activities

·      The pilot projects for the Kytherians all over the world

b) The Institute’s of Kytheraismos next steps (as an Institution)

·      The Kytheraismos archive in Kythera and it’s branches over the whole planet

·      Insitute’s joint efforts with other cultural institutions, charities or other local      associations

·      The world of the Kytherians in action

The Caver


Author Carol Burnham,  who has been returning to  Kithera for many years, was inspired to make Kithera the setting for her new book, "The Caver."

In The Caver, Claire, an American writer, returns to the island of Kithera, "€œfor answers,"€ but certainty is difficult in the land of myth and "€œtrickster"€ light. Even her new tutor, who possesses a "strange consonance" with the island, becomes for her, an object of intrigue. When an amiable new neighbour extends an invitation on the day they meet, Claire declines, indicating that she needs to be alone for a while, but subsequently is persuaded to attend a dinner party. There she meets George, a caver from Malta, and falls inexplicably in love. She travels to Crete and ventures alone up a mountain to the remote village where she can be with him near his project. Then the unexpected occurs. Claire comes to Greece in search of answers and finds, instead, a stubborn but beautiful mystery.

Carol Burnham has a masters degree in English literature and has taught at colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she resides with her husband, Richard. She is currently at work on her next novel.


ISBN:978 0 9927364 15


Availabe on,, and from Somerville Press

Panigyri 2014 Review

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa

 2014 Review

The Kytherian Society of California 

celebrated its 64nd annual 

Panigyri of the Myrtidiotissa at 

 Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church   on 

October 5, 2014 

2014Panigyri 13

Following a wonderful service and Artoklasia by Fr. Michael Prevas, KSOCA members and friends met in the church hall for our annual Panigyri Luncheon.

Welcome & Opening Prayer

IMG 0395

The event began with an Opening Prayer by Fr. Michael Prevas, followed by opening remarks and welcome by President Katherine Stathis. 


Memorial donations were made in honor of those named above. A moment of silence was observed as their names were read aloud. 


During their meal, members enjoyed watching videos of Kythera including's "Kythera, 5 Years in 5 Mintues."

2014Panigyri 25

Appetizers & Lunch

Yianni Varelis and his crew prepared a wonderful array of delicious appetizers which included Yianni's famous Spanakopeta with his home made phillo.

2014Panigyri 30

Luncheon entrées included a choice of Greek Style Chicken with Olive Oil, Lemon, & Oregano, Greek Lamb Shank with Orzo, or Pasta Primavera. 

2014Panigyri 47

Delicious  galaktoboureko  & baklava were served for dessert. 


Members memorialized those who passed away this past year by offering a few words in their memory.


Sadly, only days prior to the luncheon, members learned of the passing of Stratis Theodorakakis, the Director of the Kythera Philharmonic Orchestra for over 60 years. 

May their memory be eternal.

 2014 Scholarship Recipient

2014Panigyri 55

President, Katherine Stathis presented the 2014 Scholarship award to Steven Nickolas. Steve is attending Gonzaga University, In Spokane, Washington, therefore he was unable to attend the luncheon.

Members watched a video recording Steven sent offering his  gratitude and appreciation for the scholarship. 

Steven is pursuring a degree in Civil Engineering.


2014 Honorary Kytherian

2014Panigyri 48

Vikki Vrettos Fraioli presented this year's Honorary Kytherian Award to Cathy Zamenes. Cathy attends the luncheon every year without fail and is always there willing to offer a helping hand.

                                       Kythera News

2014Panigyri 50

 John "Tasso" Conomos and Eve Cominos who recently returned from the isalnd, shared news from Kythera.

Kythera Municipal Library Maintenance Fund


Vikki Vrettos Fraioli discussed the Kythera Municipal Library Maintentance Fund, a fund being organized and maintained by the Kytherian Association of Austraila to help defray the costs of the ongoing daily supply needs of the library.


 To date, the KSOCA has collected $2125 in  donations for this fund.

Book Sales

Vikki shared the availbility of two books for purchase through the KSOCA: James Prineas' - Kythera from the Air, and Kristina Williamson's - One Year on Kythera

(If you were unable to attend the luncheon and are interested in purchasing a copy, email Vikki directly.)


Vikki also discussed the upcoming Kytheraismos Symposium to be held in Sydney, Austraila November 6-9, 2014. Vikki and Cynthia Cavalenes-Jarvis will be attending as representatives of the KSOCA and presenting as well.

Raffle & Auction

The Panigyri culminated with the KSOCA's infamous 

Raffle & Auction where everyone is a winner!

Click this link to see more photos from the 2014 Panigyi 

The Video below may also be seen on YouTube


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